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Meet Dr. Dixon


We travel to your school

Giggles DDS has provided onsite dental checkups to 961 children at 50 central Ohio preschools. With his professional staff, Dr. Scott Sanders DDS has provided the same quality of dentistry as is provided in his office. Parents are encouraged to call his office with questions or to make an appointment for continuity of care.


Surprisingly Joyful

We have superheroes

Giggles DDS strives to bring surprisingly joyful moments to each dental appointment. A familiar setting, dental team wearing non-traditional clothing and face painting helps children to not be afraid of the dentist. Each appointment brings joy to the child, parent, preschool staff and our team.


Our Vision

A Dental Appointment for Every Child

With over 40,000 children under 4 years old having not been to the dentist in Franklin county, Giggles DDS is reaching out to central Ohio preschools to schedule dental checkups. Together we can make a difference in reducing this number.


A Dentist for Every Child

Serving over a 1,000 children in Central Ohio

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