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Polish Teeth

Polish Teeth

Dental Prophylaxis

Commonly called a “Prophy”, is a treatment that involves polishing the teeth to control bacteria on the tooth and just beneath the gum line. To maintain healthy gums and teeth, it is typically performed twice a year, or once every six months.


Dental Exam

Comprehensive or Limited 

Comprehensive Dental Exam
The dentist will examine and record each tooth extensively for chips or cracks, analyze the enamel to determine the risk for cavities, review existing fillings or restorations, and identify any abnormalities in the intraoral or extraoral soft tissues – the gums. 

Limited Dental Exam
For numerous reasons, if the dentist is not able to complete a Comprehensive Dental Exam they will continue with a shortened version. The dentist will still evaluate your child’s teeth and gums and identify any abnormalities or needs for restorative treatment. 

Basically, making sure that each tooth is strong, healthy, and Giggly! 


Strengthen Teeth


At the end of the appointment the dentist will apply Fluoride as a gel onto your child’s teeth. Fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral, aids in rebuilding weekend tooth enamel and reverses early signs of tooth decay. 

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